Mulch should be used around your tree for 2 - 3 years after it has been transplanted.  Mulch provides a covering for new root growth to establish itself and not compete with grass, as well as conserve soil moisture, reduce weed development and regulate soil temperature. Use double-shredded hardwood mulch, layered 3”-4” deep and no closer than 2” away from the trunk.  After the initial 3-year period has passed, you can remove the mulch if desired.


Whenever wire or nylon appears loose, adjust by tapping the metal T-post further into the ground. Leave the tree staking intact for 2 years from the time of planting. Then carefully remove the wire on the nylon. You can either remove the stakes or pound them down 3”-4” below the grade.



Lawn fertilizers that contain weed killers should not be used in the vicinity of trees. A top dressing of regular fertilizer spread over the root area is beneficial when applied during March and April, or September and October of the second year of planting. Use ½ pound per caliber inch of the trunk. For example, a 6” diameter would require 3 pounds of fertilizer. Broadcast the fertilizer on top of the root ball. Keep the fertilizer 6”-12” from the trunk, and 12” past the edge of the root ball or mulch ring. Do not fertilize in the summer. Do not fertilize until the second year of planting, as tree roots are vulnerable to being burned by the nitrogen in the fertilizer prior to that time. It is also recommended that you engage the services of an Arborist to check your trees annually and provide professional fertilization.

Tree Care

Tree Mulching, Staking and Fertlizing

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