Try the following if you believe your tree is suffering from any of these conditions:


Too Much/Little Watering

If Mother Nature is over-watering with excessive rainfall, lightly scrape away the mulch to let the soil around the tree roots transpire moisture and breathe for several days or longer, then re-apply the mulch.  A hydrometer (soil moisture meter) is an excellent investment to monitor your tree’s water needs.


Too Much Mulch

The amount of mulch that Zuk’s applied upon transplant is the proper amount of mulch to apply to your tree. You can apply additional mulch just before winter as a “bed” to insulate tree roots, but you must remove this extra mulch in the early spring.


Too Much Fertilization

Do not fertilize in the summer! If you feel you have over fertilized, cancel out some of the action of the nitrogen by drenching the tree.


Too Much Heat

If your tree is experiencing stress from summer heat, do not spray the tree’s leaves during the day – you will only scorch the leaves (caused by water refraction on the leaf in sunlight). Instead, cool down the sap temperatures of the tree by spraying the trunk in full 360 degree rotation from waist-high level down to the collar of the tree (where the tree trunk meets the ground) for approximately 1 hour.


Do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. With continued care, your trees will provide a lifetime of enjoyment for all.

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